Off-Grid Van Conversion

A self-built campervan inspired by the farm

→ Water Tanks and Sensors

Mfg. / Part #: Class A Customs 20 Gallon Under Mount Water Tank Tags: plumbing

The water tanks were mounted underneath the van. The brackets were tricky to install, because of the thickness of the steel frame underneath.

The fresh water tank piggybacked off of the fuel tank mounting bolt holes on one side and rivet nuts were installed on the other side so that the tank could be removed for cleaning.

Since it was hard to drill into the thick steel underneath the van, part of the tank frame piggybacked off of the existing fuel tank bolts

The fresh water tank had level probes installed as supplied with the Class A Customs water tank.


Gravity fil inlet:


Pump switch and tank level display:


Sensor installation example (source):

The schematic shows the wiring from the Micro Monitor/KIB panel (which includes the pump switch) and the fresh (blue) and grey (brown) connections to the water tank harness red wire (shown in the following image).



Routing of the PVC from the shower (rear) into the grey water


CAD Drawings

Full-size PDF CAD diagrams of the system can be found below:

  • DWG-01-AC-SYSTEM(shows the inverter/charger and the shore power hookup)
  • DWG-02-BATTERY-COMPARTMENT (shows the connections in the main electrical battery compartment and also the solar and alternator charger systems)
  • DWG-03-12V-SYSTEM (shows the 12V distribution fuse block, branch circuits, and loads)

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