Off-Grid Van Conversion

A self-built campervan inspired by the farm

07 Plumbing. Water Heater

Tanks are installed underneath the van to save space inside, and a grey water tank keeps everything fully enclosed (no black water tank is needed since the toilet is composting).

Hot water is automatically heated while driving since the Isotemp SPA water tank is plumbed in-line with the van coolant system.

Water Tanks and Sensors

A 20 gallon fresh water tank and a 15 gallon greywater tank are both installed underneath the van. The fresh water is filled via a inlet on the driver side of the van - RV style.

The sink and shower both have drainage into the grey water tank, over the drive shaft where necessary (the shower drains from the rear forward).

The water-pump is a 12V Shurflo 4008 without an accumulator due to space constraints.

The fresh water (cold side only) is filtered through a three stage carbon and ceramic APEC water-filter.

See more in water-tanks-sensors.

Hot Water

Hot water is provided by the Isotemp SPA tank, which is plumbed in-line with the van engine coolant system to heat the water via hydronic heat exchange.

See details in water-heater

System Diagram


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