Off-Grid Van Conversion

A self-built campervan inspired by the farm

09 Kitchen Cabinets. Counters

On this page you’ll find information about the farmhouse sink, kitchen cabinets, induction stove and 12V fridge.

Kitchen Cabinet and Drawers

The cabinets were custom made from 1/2” and 3/4” baltic birch with a toe kick added for extra space. The drawers were faced with reclaimed 3/4” oak from the farm - planing those old oak boards down was no joke!

See kitchen-cabinet-and-drawers for details.

Kitchen Countertop, Sink and Faucet

The counter was built out of acacia butcher block, designed around a farmhouse sink. See kitchen-countertop for more details.

The farmhouse sink measured 22 3/8” x 16” x 7 11/16”, providing ample space for washing and drying dishes.

Induction Stove and Fridge

Induction Stove

Before buying the stove I did load measurements to confirm that I had enough battery capacity to handle a full day of cooking on the cooktop. The worst case was 60Ah per meal, so 180Ah for a heavy day of usage.


The fridge is a marine-grade Isotherm Cruise Elegance 130L, which is ample space for a weeks worth of food. The fridge is raised off the floor to provide storage space underneath for camp chairs and the like.

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