Off-Grid Van Conversion

A self-built campervan inspired by the farm

12 Honorable Mentions

Here is the grave of the projects that didn’t make it to the finished build, so that we can remember the time we spent with them.

Honorable mentions:

  • Shoji screens
  • DIY LiFePO4 battery bank
  • Aluminum overhead cabinet

Shoji Screens

The Japanese design aesthetic would have been completed by custom hand-built shoji screens. These would have provided a barrier between the bed and the shower. I even bought a roll of waterproof washi-esque Dupont house wrap, diligently read Jay van Arsdale’s “Shoji: How to Design, Build, and Install Japanese Screens”. But in the end there just wasn’t enough time.



DIY Battery Build

I thought I could save a pretty penny by buying the LiFePO4 cells directly from China and adding in my own Battery Management System.

I went so far as to build battery cases for them, balanced the cells after usage, and installing them. But in the end I couldn’t sell a product with such a critical part of the system as a DIY hack, so I eventually purchased batteries from Renogy (see batteries).





Overhead Aluminum Cabinet