Off-Grid Van Conversion

A self-built campervan inspired by the farm

01 Features. Design. Layout

Design and Layout

Interior aesthetics are built in a Japanese-farmhouse style with custom woodworking using reclaimed poplar and oak. Accents are generally matte black and wood trimming is done in oak and maple.

The bed converts into both a table and a walk-through area. During the day, the mattress stores beneath the Recessed Cabinet, and the table folds down to create a workspace.


The bed frame is made out of T-slotted aluminum to maximize the strength-to-weight ratio.

For air heating the gasoline tank’s auxiliary fuel port is used to supply a gasoline-fired Webasto Air Top 2000 (→ air-heating), and the water heating comes from the van’s engine using a 5 Gallon Isotemp Spa water-heater. A large Skylight (→skylight-and-fan) provides privacy and good natural lighting at the same time.

For added traction in the snow and mud, we added the largest All-Terrain tires possible without having to modify the pinch welds, and built a custom traction board mount that bolts onto the Ladder Rack (→ ladder-tire-rack).

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