Off-Grid Van Conversion

A self-built campervan inspired by the farm

→ Recessed Cabinet & Table



  • recessed into the 5” cavity on the passenger side to allow for more depth of storage
  • the cabinet was a modified Ikea IVAR shelf, for modularity (pre drilled shelf holes)
  • face framed with maple
  • table drops down from the cabinet to rest on a post that moves up and down via a linear bearing on the T-slotted aluminum framing


The cabinet was designed to be on the passenger side in the van cavity, for maximum space. A table folds out from the cabinet for a work station.


Image_8 2021-01-04_20-10-22 Image_9 2021-01-04_20-10-22

The cabinet was mounted into the recess using by first positioning a framing on the left and right, then driving in pocket hole screws on both sides of the cabinets.




The table support is a wooden post mounted to a linear bearing that moves up and down along the aluminum extrusion behind. A handle allows for loosening and tightening of the bearing on the extrusion thus fixing it in place.

Pasted image 20230217101644

Pasted image 20230217101630


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