Off-Grid Van Conversion

A self-built campervan inspired by the farm

02 Framing. Insulation. Window

Insulation and Framing

Furring strips of marine-treated plywood were drilled directly into the van walls in some places, and where the sheet metal was too thick for sheet metal screws, rivet nuts were used.

The floors and walls were insulated with a type of wool made for building insulation (brand name Havelock Wool), useful for its moisture absorbing properties.

No moisture barrier was installed (see reasoning in insulation-framing), but a radiant barrier out of Reflectix was installed on the inside of the insulation to reflect heat.

See insulation-framing for more details.

Aftermarket Window

An aftermarket window was installed on the driver side, to give a view out of the kitchen (make: AR Lawrence). The installation was the first big hole (of 3) that we cut out of the van, and went smoothly.

See driver-side-window for more details.

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