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Mfg. / Part #: Isotherm Cruise Elegance 130L Tags: electrical


The fridge is marine grade with a high efficiency 12V compressor that only draws about 5A on average so 120Ah over a whole day. This makes it ideal for off-grid, battery powered usage.

The fridge is powered by 12V but also can be powered by 120V when hooked up to shore power (the fridge will auto switch over to shore when it senses power on the 120V terminals)


The fridge is raised off the ground to allow for storage underneath, thus not wasting valuable space.

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The refrigerator should be defrosted when the layer of frost on the evaporator reaches a thickness of 3-4mm or more (to do so, remove items from fridge, turn it off, and let the frost melt, do not try to scrape with a tool). Natural defrost time can range from a few minutes to several hours (leave the door ajar for proper ventilation) — for this elegance model push the door stopper toward the right to the ventilation position

☝ For extended periods of disuse or when defrosting, remove the unit’s light bulb or disconnect all of its power supplies. Leave the refrigerator door slightly open to air out the inside of the product and prevent the formation of mold.

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