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→ Induction Stove

Mfg. / Part #: Summit Appliance (via Home Depot) Tags: electrical

The induction cooktop uses a magnetic field to induce heat in an induction-compatible cookware. The magnetic field directly stimulates the electrons in the ferrous material producing heat, versus conventional electric stove tops (electric coil or conduction) which heat up the stovetop surface and then the cookware via contact.


The stove is routed through the back of the cabinet plugged into the outlet under the sink.



⚠️ The Induction cooktop needs induction-compatible cookware - most stainless steel and cast iron will work (but usually non-stick or ceramic will not work)

⚠️ Note the Inverter is rated at 2500W but the inverter circuit breaker may trip at a lower wattage due to the thermal time characteristic of the breaker (in reality they operate on heat not directly current). This can happen especially when the stove is on HIGH for a long time, or other loads are on that cause the electrical system to heat up ️→ to minimize this chance, reduce other load usage when cooking (e.g. don’t charge a computer or use another 120V outlet, especially when on high power)

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